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This is a list of all the resources mentioned in the InvolveMe reports, in alphabetical order

Competencies for managers of volunteers

Volunteering New Zealand’s guide to the competencies for volunteer managers, and the skills and knowledge required to be effective managers of volunteers [tools and resources, professional development]

Developing your Volunteer Programme
A guide for managers of volunteers with a number of helpful appendices and links; Volunteer Wellington. [tools and resources, strategy]

HSWA for officers

Fact sheet on health and safety responsibilities for officers of volunteer organisations in New Zealand. [strategy, tools and resources]

HSWA info for volunteers

An overview of health and safety in New Zealand as a volunteer; Volunteering NZ [strategy, health & safety, tools and resources]

Involving Volunteers from Culturally and Linguistically Diverse Backgrounds

Fact sheet on recruiting and supporting volunteers from diverse cultural and language backgrounds; Volunteering Australia. [strategy, culture]

Managing Conflict: A Guide for Volunteer Boards, from the Non-Profit Sector Leadership

Program resources written by E. Grant MacDonald. [Boards, strategy, conflict, communication]

Managing conflict at work
A 36 page booklet on identifying and managing conflict in the workplace, from ACAS. ACAS (Advisory, Conciliation and Arbitration Service), UK, 2014. [communication, conflict]


Recognising Volunteers

Contains more than two dozen Ideas for recognising volunteers; Volunteering Australia. [culture, diversity, tools and resources]

Recruiting and Supporting Volunteers from diverse cultural and language backgrounds

A training manual for recruiting and supporting volunteers from diverse cultural and language backgrounds, part one, Volunteering Australia 2007, 70 pages [strategy, culture]

Rights as a Volunteer

Your rights as Volunteer as covered under the Human Rights Act 1993 and the Health & Safety at Work Act 2015; Volunteering NZ [culture, tools and resources]


10 Things Terrible Trustees Do and Brilliant Trustees Don’t

The difference between terrible and brilliant trustees; Directory for Social Change, UK. [governance, tools and resources]

The Effective Not-for-Profit Board: A value-driving force

A toolkit to help Board members to better understand their responsibilities and develop more effective governance practices; Deloitte. [governance, monitoring and accountability]

The Spotlight Jobseekers’ Workbook

This tool is designed to help you build a profile of skills that you might overlook when looking for for a job; UNSW, Australia. [culture, tools & resources, personal/professional development]


13 Tools for Resolving Conflict in the Workplace, with Customers and in Life

A checklist of some tools for avoiding and resolving disputes in the early stages, Mediate online. [mediation, conflict]

Three techniques to transform your personal effectiveness

Article on techniques to increase your personal effectiveness; Directory of Social Change, UK. [culture,communication, personal/professional development]

Volunteer Management Check-list

A checklist for volunteer management, developed by Volunteering Waikato [tools and resources, strategy]

Volunteer Management Resource:  Finding the Right Volunteer
Getting an effective message, and the right message, to the right audience; Volunteering Waikato [tools and resources, communication]

Volunteer Recognition Study 2017

A Canadian study on how volunteers want to be recognized for their contributions; Volunteer Canada. [communication, recognition]

Volunteering as a participation pathway

Summary of research identifying implications for managing and retaining volunteers; part of a project led by NCVO, UK. [strategy, engagement, culture]

Your communications plan

Resource on developing a communications plan;  Community Net Aotearoa [communications, tools and resources]

What? Another Strategic Plan?

A short article with questions from the authors of Strategic Planning for Nonprofit Organizations, from the Nonprofit Times. [strategy, strategic plans]

When it’s no longer working: How an organization can gracefully exit from a volunteer relationship
This piece was written by a communications specialist with a special interest in the nonprofit sector. [engagement, conflict]

Strategic planning

CommunityNet Aotearoa’s guide to strategic planning, including tips on doing PEST and SWOT analysis. [strategy, strategic plans, tools and resources]

What Works

What works is a New Zealand website about evaluation built specifically for community organisations. It is designed to help groups in the sector to evidence their outcomes. Includes an overview of 16 different ways of evaluating an organisation. [strategy, tools and resources]

Eight Myths About Difficult Volunteers

Myths around volunteering that can make the problems worse, A brief excerpt from New Competencies for Volunteer Administrators, 1996. [engagement, conflict]

How Boards Can Have Better Conversations

“greater attention needs to be paid to the relational aspects of governance conversations- in other words how board members relate to and support one another. Better conversations can help make the experience of working on a volunteer board more enriching and energizing.” Grant MacDonald is a retired university professor in Canada. He has a long interest in non-profit governance and leadership. [governance, communication]

Volunteer Management Resource:  Exiting a Volunteer

Fact Sheet on exiting volunteers, Volunteering Waikato 2104. [engagement, conflict, tools and resources]

Mana Mahi Resource: a guide to the employment of people in the Tangata Whenua, Community and Voluntary Sector Organisation
A series of guides and resources on employment relations issues for tangata whenua, community and voluntary sector organisations. ManaMahi contains 17 best practice guides and 6 resource booklets relating to a wide range of employment relations issues. [tools and resources]

Mana Mahi Update 2: A Guide to the Employment of People in the Tangata Whenua, Community and Voluntary Sector Organisations

Updates the main Mana Mahi employment resource and should be read along with it. Includes information on the recent changes to the Employment Relations Act 2000 and the Holidays Act plus additional information on collective agreements and their application in this sector. [tools and resources]

Volunteer Roles Toolkit

A guide managers of volunteers and not-for-profit organisations on design volunteer roles and writing position descriptions, Volunteering Australia, 29 pages, 2007, [training, tools and resources]

Creative NZ’s Volunteer Management Toolkit

Creative NZ’s volunteer management tool kit with templates and resources, 91 pages. [tools and resources]

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