VNZ Membership

Members of Volunteering New Zealand (VNZ) are national and other volunteer-involving organisations, volunteer centres and individuals

Our members includes organisations and individuals who are involved in and support volunteering across Aotearoa. Members agree to uphold the vision, definition, beliefs and values of VNZ, noted in our Constitution.

In addition to the benefits of discounts, opportunities and support listed on our benefits page, VNZ provides the following promotion, support, networking, and advocacy benefits:

Promoting volunteering is important as it is the means from which volunteering is further encouraged, celebrated and recognised.

VNZ provides various campaigns and free promotional material for the wider sector to celebrate, recognise and grow volunteering in their organisation and across the sector.

VNZ provides various opportunities for support and networking for managers of volunteers.

Recent examples include workshops and a yearly conference, and engagement on our Best Practice Guidelines and Competencies. We also provide opportunities for direct 1:1 catch-ups with members.

Our research and other publications are also the result of our work for our members.

We are the primary voice for volunteering in New Zealand, advocating on topics that matter to the volunteering sector. We consult with our members and seek their contributions to our thinking and advocacy work to create a stronger, unified voice when matters of interest to the sector are being discussed.

By becoming a member of VNZ, your organisation will be associated through us with this international movement.


Volunteers make a huge contribution in New Zealand’s society and economy, in almost every type of activity: from sports, recreation, arts, culture and heritage to emergency and social services, health, education, conservation and the environment. The latest figures show that volunteer labour contribute $3.5 billion (1.7% of the total) to New Zealand’s gross domestic product (GDP)

Volunteer managers are in the vanguard of the new volunteering environment and potentially in piloting entirely new hybrids of how we deliver core social goods through a combination of private, public and third sector engagement. They need a strategic framework, strong training and support and a secure mandate to work their magic and transform potential into gold.

VNZ membership does not substitute for, or preclude, membership of a regional volunteer centre.

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