Student Volunteer Week recognises effort and achievements

Student Volunteer Week 2017 (SVW2017) commences today, providing an opportunity to recognise our national student volunteer effort and achievements.

Student Volunteer Week is a national campaign organised by Volunteering New Zealand which recognises the thousands of students, educational institutions, and community organisations growing the social capital of New Zealand.

The diverse range of events listed on include award ceremonies creative and quirky celebration events, and student-led community activities including outdoor beautification and clean-ups. Universities and volunteer centres throughout New Zealand will give students an opportunity to make a match with organisations who seek their help.

Student volunteers’ motivation is an area of interest to Professor Karen Smith at the School of Management, Victoria University of Wellington. In research Smith carried out a few years ago, she found “most important [to student motivation] was that they felt it was important to help others and work for causes that were important to them,” Smith said. Also important was that “they can see that volunteering can give them a new perspective and that it provides an opportunity to learn new things,” Smith says.

Many tertiary institutions already do a lot to help students get involved with charity and volunteer work. For many students, these efforts aligned with their social objectives, and are a highlight of university life, allowing them to have fun while engaging in important causes.

“Encouraging students to volunteer in their communities is an excellent way to develop their leadership skills and increase their chances of employment” says Volunteering New Zealand Chief Executive, Scott Miller.

To find out more about the breadth and depth of student volunteering going on across our communities, or to list your own event, check out

Volunteering New Zealand (VNZ) is an association of national volunteer-involving organisations that have a commitment to volunteering. Their mission is to maximise the impact of volunteering in our communities.


April 2017 Newsletter

The News for April includes some initial details about our 2017 National conference
on Monday 30, October 2017, with Masterclasses on the 31st.
Three new blog posts from VNZ members on volunteering topics.
News around NGOs and public policy matters, including funding issues and procurement.
A recent survey says the number of hours volunteered in the UK is reducing.
And much more…

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March 2017 Newsletter

Items featured in the March 2017 newsletter include:

  • Visit the National Volunteer Week website at
  • JBWere The Cause Report released.
  • We’ve updated our Sector Research webpage with relevant research on various aspects of volunteering.
  • CAF Social Landscape 2017 Published.
  • Read the blog post from Helga Wientjes, Vice Chair, Volunteering New Zealand.
  • Sport Volunteering in New Zealand, a post from Ken Allen.
  • Volunteer Centres are about more than brokerage.
  • And events and workshops throughout New Zealand.

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Volunteering Has A Place in Changing the World for Women

Today, March 8, marks International Women’s Day and Volunteering New Zealand (VNZ) supports this effort and the UN theme: Women in the Changing World of Work: Planet 50-50 by 2030.
According to the World Economic Forum, at the current rate, the gender gap will not close until the year 2186. This is too long to wait, and is a call to action.
Paid work is not the only indicator of the gender gap. According to the World Economic Forum political participation and power, education, and unpaid work that often goes ignored are also part of the gap.
VNZ Chair Karen Smith says, “One of the changes we can look at is better understanding and respect for the range of contributions that women make in society – whether that’s in paid employment or in the informal sector, volunteering, and other service in their community.”
“Volunteering can be an important aspect of women both gaining experience and developing confidence and knowledge that they can then take into the broader society,” Smith says.
The Bonn Call to Action from 2016, calls for volunteers to be a part of the solution to achieving the Sustainable Development Goals by 2030, stating “We recognise that communities must be at the centre of their own development, and that women and young people must be fully engaged.”
Volunteering can foster empowerment. The UN Population Fund articulates women’s empowerment as “women’s sense of self-worth, their right to have and determine choices; their right to control their own lives; and their ability to influence the direction of social change,” and we see that, worldwide, volunteering can expand those choices by providing opportunities for skill sharing and development and providing access to social networks that might not otherwise be formally available.
Volunteering shows that everyone has something to contribute and provides an opportunity for people to play fuller roles in their communities by making use of their skills and capacities.
Volunteering New Zealand (VNZ) is an association of national volunteer-involving organisations that have a commitment to volunteering. Their mission is to maximise the impact of volunteering in our communities. 
Scott Miller
Chief Executive, Volunteering New Zealand
021 190 1387


February 2017 Newsletter

Items featured in the February 2017 newsletter include:

  • Three months ’til Student Volunteer Week 2017.
  • 2017 Volunteer Progress Report.
  • Good Deeds Day is 2 April.
  • Apply for a Catapult Community Leaders Scholarship for 2017.
  • Stuart Etherington’s New Year Letter to the Sector.
  • Apply the GIVERS framework to your volunteer management.
  • IAVE would like to hear your volunteering story.
  • And events throughout New Zealand.


December 2016 Newsletter

Untitled 2




Items featured in the December 2016 newsletter include:

  • Year in review: VNZ Publications in 2016
  • Sector research – 2016 Round-up
  • VNZ Governance Update – New Chair and Vice Chair
  • C&V Portfolio Update – New Minister Announced
  • VNZ 2017 Promotional Campaigns – Save these dates!
  • News from the sector


November 2016 Newsletter


Items featured in the November 2016 newsletter include:

  • International Volunteer toolkit available for the 5 December 2016 event.
  • VNZ Annual Report now available.
  • Findings of The latest World Giving Index Report
  • Support the Bonn “Call to Action”
  • Date announced for National Volunteer Week 2017
  • and blog posts and stories you won’t want to miss…


VNZ News – October 2016

Items featured in this month’s newsletter include: International Volunteer Managers Day – 5 November 2016 – toolkit available; Results of the latest ComVoices State of the Sector Survey find that the holes are getting bigger in the safety net provided by the Community Sector; Theme for 2016 International Volunteer Day – 5 December will be: Together we can.


Police Vetting Bill Outcome – Democracy in Action

The Government’s announcement that explicit exemptions have been provided for the voluntary sector in the Policing (Cost Recovery) Amendment Bill is ‘democracy in action’ says Scott Miller, Chief Executive of Volunteering New Zealand.

The recent announcement signals fee-waivers in the Regulations of the Bill which will include exemptions for registered charities and agencies making 20 police-vetting requests or fewer per year.

“Volunteering New Zealand, on behalf of its members and the 1.2 million volunteers that it works to support, is pleased that our constructive conversations with Minister Collins, the Maori Party, Labour Party and United Future have all been able to give a certain degree of comfort to our sector”, states Miller.

The Bill will amend the Policing Act 2008 in order to place a fee on specified demand services such as police vetting, a service that volunteer groups rely on to ensure the safety of vulnerable people they support. However, “when additional cost is imposed on the sector, an additional barrier is imposed on community groups also working to keep communities, volunteers and support staff safe” says Miller.

“Democracy is enacted when parties work together to find a compromise outcome that yields as much benefit as possible” states Miller. “Volunteering New Zealand is therefore pleased to have been part of this important work for the sector, and commend the various political parties honouring the Government Policy on volunteering that seeks to support and value the vital work of volunteers across the country” Miller concludes.


VNZ News – September 2016

September 2016 newsletter

Items featured in this month’s newsletter include:

  • Charity Viewpoint 2016 Report released.
  • International Volunteer Managers Day promotional materials released.
  • Policing (Cost Recovery) Amendment Bill update.
  • IAVE’s Handbook on Youth, Volunteering and Employment released.
  • Various media on volunteer management.

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VNZ Newsletter – July 2016

Items featuring in the July 2016 Newsletter include: 

  • Developing your volunteer programme: Resource released by Volunteer Wellington
  • The Ministry of Social Development release ‘The Social Report 2016’
  • Charities Services provide data on volunteering in registered charities
  • IHC embraces sector need to offer episodic volunteering
  • Plus lots more news and events to ensure you are up to date.

State of the World’s Volunteerism report released

Volunteering New Zealand has released a report on The State of the World’s Volunteerism. This summary report represents VNZ’s interpretation of the key points of the United Nations’ State of the World’s Volunteerism Report (2015), and focuses on key points relevant to the New Zealand volunteering context. It is not written to replace or otherwise substitute the UN report, which readers are encouraged to engage with independently of this report.

Read the VNZ media release here.

View the full State of the World’s Volunteerism Report (PDF).


VNZ Newsletter – May 2016

Read the May 2016 VNZ newsletter. National Volunteer Week update, New research on the NZ NFP Sector, A report card on the State of Volunteering in NZ, the Australian State of Volunteering Report and other news from around the sector. Click here.


March News 2016

Read our VNZ March newsletter here. MOH awards are open for nominations, State of Volunteering in NZ report released and other news from around the sector.

State of Volunteering in NZ Report Released

Volunteering New Zealand has announced the results of its inaugural State of the New Zealand Volunteering Sector survey.

Read the VNZ media release here.

View the full New Zealand Volunteering Sector Report here.

February News 2016

February news from VNZ including update from Chief Executive, Scott Miller, other items of interest to the voluntary sector and note worthy blogs. Read the newsletter here.

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December 2015 News

Read the December update from VNZ here.

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November 2015 News

November news from VNZ 2015 International Volunteer Day, conference wrap-up, and a new VNZ Board Member. Read the newsletter here.

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Health and Safety at Work Act Q+A

Conference Q&A for Worksafe

Read WorkSafe’s response to questions about the Health and Safety at Work Act from

the VNZ conference here.


WorkSafe’s website

Read more on how volunteers are covered under the new Act on WorkSafe’s website here.

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October 2015 News

October news for the voluntary sector including a Parliamentary breakfast, International Managers of Volunteers Day, and VNZ’s partnership with Neighbourly. Read our October newsletter here.


September 2015 News

September news for the voluntary sector including VNZ Conference update, a Parliamentary save-the-date and our latest survey. Read our newsletter here.

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August Voluntalk Newsletter

August’s news from VNZ including the VNZ 2015 conference, NZ Student Volunteer Week, member welcome, Rob Jackson’s NZ tour and other snippets of information relevant to the New Zealand voluntary sector.

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July Voluntalk Newsletter

July’s news from VNZ including the latest on NZ regulatory developments, a new Australian definition of volunteering, plans for NZ Student Volunteer Week and other snippets of information relevant to the New Zealand voluntary sector.

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Health and Safety Update

The Select Committee considering the Health and Safety Reform Bill has made improvements to the Bill so coverage of volunteers and volunteering organisations will remain as it is under the current law.

Read our Health and Safety Update here


Voluntalk News – June 2015

News from VNZ including National Volunteer Week 2015 wrap up, BPIA Champions and other stories relevant to the New Zealand voluntary sector.


Advocacy Update – June 2015

Check out VNZ’s Advocacy Update for June 2015.

You”ll find plenty of volunteer related advocacy that VNZ is working on for volunteers and volunteer-involving organisations in New Zealand!


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