Government Submissions

VNZ is dedicated to working with Government to ensure the Government Policy on Volunteering is central to new and existing policy and legislation.

Submissions on volunteering policy topics are part of our core business – recent examples of our work include:

  • Our advocacy for volunteer-involving organisations on the proposal for Police to charge a fee to vet volunteers
  • Our advocacy on how the NZ Government will respond to the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals (particularly as the UN passed a resolution stating volunteers will be essential to the success of the Goals)
  • Our successful advocacy for improvements to the Health and Safety at Work Act
  • Our submission to Statistics NZ to retain volunteering (and Unpaid Activities) in the 2018 Census.
  • Our submission to the DIA Fire Service Review to give greater consideration to the role of volunteers within the Fire Service

2016/17 Submissions

2015/16 Submissions:

Earlier submissions:

Even earlier submissions:

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