Conservation & Environment

Valuing community group contributions to conservation
Hardie-Boys, Ned. Science for Conservation (Department of Conservation), 2010.

For this report, 201 community partners of the Department of Conservation participated in a survey investigating the types and benefits of their partnership arrangements, and the value of the resources they contribute to conservation activities. Groups were making the greatest contribution to increasing community participation and the least contribution to improving historic/cultural heritage. The report identifies recommendations to support improvements in policy making and planning, and service delivery when working with the community and voluntary sector.

Your park in your hands: A guide to volunteering in our parks
North Shore City (NZ) City Council, 2006.

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Assessing the benefits for conservation of volunteer involvement in conservation activities
Bell, Karen. New Zealand Department of Conservation, 2003.

This report investigates the existing benefits of the Conservation Volunteer Programme for both conservation advocacy and the volunteers, whether this programme is meeting conservation advocacy goals, and makes recommendations about improving the programme to meet these goals.