Rob Jackson’s Reading List

Rob Jackson delivered a great Master Class on day two of our Pivot Conference in Auckland. This covered topics such as setting a clear philosophy of volunteering, to measuring the contribution of volunteers. In this session Rob also shared tools and strategies to help you effect change within organisations.

He also shared his latest “recommended reading” list with us.  Rob Jackson’s reading list follows below.

So here it is, Rob Jackson’s Reading List

Atul Gawande, The Checklist Manifesto

This book looks at the use of checklists in the business world and the medical profession, with Gawande examining how it could be used for greater efficiency, consistency and safety. Gawande stated he was inspired to write The Checklist Manifesto after reading a story about a young child who survived a fall into a frozen pond and discovering the physician who saved her relied heavily on checklists.


Matthew Syed’s Black Box Thinking

Black Box Thinking is about the willingness and tenacity to investigate the lessons that often exist when we fail, but which we rarely exploit. It is about creating systems and cultures that enable organizations to learn from errors, rather than being threatened by them.



Adam Grant’s Originals

In Originals Grant addresses the challenge of improving the world, but now from the perspective of becoming original: choosing to champion novel ideas and values that go against the grain, battle conformity, and buck outdated traditions. For a full book review, try this site.



Rob Jackson is Director of Rob Jackson Consulting Ltd, a consultancy and training company that helps engage and inspire people to bring about change. Rob has more than two decades experience working in the voluntary and community sector, holding a variety of strategic development and senior management roles that have focused on leading and engaging volunteers.


Managing volunteers the easy way

Managing volunteers the easy way

Volunteering has been an integral part of the community sector since the inception of charitable organisations, from handing out food and blankets to highly skilled volunteering on boards, or even experts in international disaster relief and recovery. Volunteering adds value to any mission, can create lifelong advocates and help to future proof your organisation.

Find the right volunteer when an opportunity arises

Many organisations have a long list of volunteers which is great, however, a list of names is not enough. Connecting volunteers to either something they want to do or something they have expertise in is critical for maximum impact and continued engagement.

Our Giftworks platform specialises in volunteer and donor management. Organisations can list their volunteers the same way you do in a CRM but with tailored tags and category searches designed specifically with volunteers in mind. Match the right volunteer with a role that matches their skills and availability.

Engage volunteers with the right task for your event

Once you have the right information about volunteers who are willing to help your organisation you’ll be able to connect them to more skilled jobs.

Our online auction platform BiddingForGood (BFG), offers more than auctions.  These types of events require a lot of hands to help with the planning as well as the running of each event. BFG helps volunteer managers connect all the roles to the right people ensuring the success of your auction and fundraising gala. Remember, when people have a fulfilling contribution to make they are more likely to put their hand up again and encourage others to do the same.

managing volunteers the easy way

Future Proofing through volunteering days at work

From the commercial perspective, volunteering can enhance recruitment of employees whether it’s a simple try before you buy approach for a candidate, or an attractive component of corporate culture. The workforce more than ever before, want to align themselves with companies that are committed to making a positive impact in their community. FrontStream’s workplace giving platform Truist has thought of this.

Truist takes a holistic approach to Workplace Giving with consideration to volunteers. Volunteering days is a big part of a successful workplace giving strategy, Truist helps track volunteering days and the impact on causes by collating the whole giving story between staff, management and charities.

Like the whole giving sector, volunteering is changing. While volunteering hours are dwindling in New Zealand there are ways we can help those special people who put their hand up to help others, and make a difference to their community. We can make it easier to sign up online, we can offer flexible volunteering positions and we can connect to workplaces who invite their staff to take the time to volunteer while getting paid. These are just a few possibilities that can help bridge the divide between volunteers and opportunities, something we can all benefit from.

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