Diploma level training for managers and leaders of organisations

With the support of the Industry Training Organisation Careerforce, Volunteering New Zealand (VNZ) is now able to connect volunteer involving organisations with the opportunity to enrol their volunteers and staff into two NZ Diploma In Business.

  • NZ Diploma In Business Leadership and Management  (Level 5)
  • NZ Diploma in Business Leadership and Management (Level 6)

These are all New Zealand Qualification Authority Framework qualifications that are recognized and fully transferable qualifications that offer flexible and affordable learning. Trainees gain recognition of work skills acquired on the job.

New Zealand Diploma in Business Overview

The Level 5 programme focuses on the organisation’s operational objectives while the Level 6 emphasises strategic objectives. The Level 5 and 6 leadership and management programmes are for current and aspiring leaders and managers with direct reports. These diplomas recognise the existing skills and experience while building on their existing knowledge to manage and lead teams to effectively. Managers are then able to adapt modern business practice tools and strategies into their own workplace setting.

Benefits of Industry Training model

There are a number of key benefits in enrolling in a NZQA Diplomas delivered in an industry training model. These include:

  • The qualifications are work based and self- paced with no need to attend courses outside of work
  • It enables new and existing managers to enhance the skills they have and fill any gaps
  • Qualified managers are great for the staff and the people they lead and manage
  • Trainees gain the confidence to think about how they work look for innovative ways to do things
  • Training can be completed by either volunteers or staff
  • Although the support of the employer is essential, it is not onerous

Who is the Level 5 Diploma for?

The Level 5 Diploma is aimed at operational managers, team leaders and aspiring managers and team leaders will develop the skills and knowledge required to contribute to the achievement of an organisation’s operational objectives.

This programme is for managers working at operational management level with some budget and staff responsibilities. Some typical roles would be:

  • Service Manager
  • Volunteer manager
  • General managers

Who is the Level 6 Diploma for?

The Level 6 Diploma is designed for strategic leaders and managers within the health, wellbeing and cleaning sectors will develop the skills and knowledge required to contribute to the achievement of an organisation’s strategic objectives.

This programme is for managers working at a strategic level, or who have a lot of input into the organisation’s strategic development. To enrol in this programme the manager must be working at a strategic level in order to fulfil the assessment requirements. Some typical roles would be:

  • CEO
  • GM
  • Senior managers involved in developing organisational strategy