There are many ways to find a volunteer role, here are some ideas.

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Find out what volunteering is, what you can do as a volunteer, what you can expect from
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Regional volunteer centre
Contact your local Volunteer Centre, there are 16 of them around New Zealand.

Find your local one today.

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Volunteer opportunity websites
See the list of other organisations in New Zealand that offer online volunteer recruitment services.

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Approach charities directly
Approach organisations directly.

Do you have a favourite charity? Why not approach one directly?

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Online volunteering opportunity websites

Seek Volunteer

SEEK Volunteer is a non-profit initiative provided by SEEK to make volunteering easier. SEEK Volunteer brings volunteers & volunteer-involving organisations together.

Don’t just make a living – make a difference, as well.

Go to SEEK Volunteer website


Collaborate is a mobile app that matches your skills and passions with volunteer opportunities for community organisations. Their goal is to make volunteering fast, fun and addictive.

Collaborate web app

Community Comms Collective

Volunteering our skills and time to help the community sector communicate more effectively.

Go to the Community Comms Collective website


HelpTank makes it easy for talented professionals to give their skills to fantastic community projects in need, making giving even more powerful than ever!

Go to the HelpTank website