We are committed to working collaboratively with decision makers to ensure that the diverse needs of volunteers, organisations that engage volunteers, and the wider volunteering eco-system are represented in the development of policies, regulations and practice.

Our call to action for political parties 2023

March 2023: In the lead-up to the general election 2023, we have developed a manifesto of key asks for political parties. We call on political parties to protect and grow the mahi aroha, volunteering effort and effect in Aotearoa New Zealand. Feedback is welcome.

We also support the Funding Fit for Purpose campaign. This is a joint call to political parties to fix funding for the community and voluntary sector.

Advocacy and submissions on volunteering policy topics are part of our core business. Three key documents:

  • The Government Policy on Volunteering 2002 here.
  • Volunteering New Zealand 2020 Election manifesto here
  • Volunteering New Zealand Briefing to Community and Voluntary Minister 2020 here.

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