VNZ is dedicated to working with Government to take into account the needs of volunteers and their organisations, and the costs associated with volunteering, when developing policies and delivering services.

>>Read the Government Policy on Volunteering here.

Submissions on volunteering policy topics are part of our core business – recent examples of our work include:

  • Our successful advocacy to the Police on to provide exemptions on their vetting fees for most volunteer-involving organisations
  • Our advocacy on how the NZ Government will respond to the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals (particularly as the UN passed a resolution stating volunteers will be essential to the success of the Goals)
  • Our successful advocacy for improvements to the Health and Safety at Work Act
  • Our submission to Statistics NZ to retain volunteering (and Unpaid Activities) in the 2018 Census
  • Our submission to the DIA Fire Service Review to give greater consideration to the role of volunteers within the Fire Service
  • Our successful advocacy to double the Support for Volunteering Fund

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