Evaluate and improve your volunteer workforce’s impact

Evaluating your organisation’s current level of volunteer involvement and effectiveness is important so you can develop more sustainable and resilient communities. The below list of tools and resources have been developed to help you and your organisation succeed.


LeadMe is a great self-assessment tool for you to be an effective leader for your volunteer programme.

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InvolveMe is the perfect product for you to quickly and easily assess and evaluate volunteer involvement within your organisation.

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InvolveMe 360

Use InvolveMe 360 to assess and evaluate people across your organisation on volunteer involvement, strategy, culture, community and impact.

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Recruit Volunteers

Want to involve more volunteers in your organisation’s mission and vision? Read on to see our list of recommended websites.

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Best Practice

Use our world-leading best practices to transform your organisation into a catalyst of community change.

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Understand how you can improve your leadership skills for more high impact volunteer engagement.

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Other Helpful Resources

Health & Safety

View our documents on The Health and Safety at Work Act to guide your organisation and to stay safe.

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