State of Volunteering in New Zealand Report 2017

The 2017 State of Volunteering Survey published in 2018 is the third in VNZ’s series of regular surveys.
These surveys are designed to capture a snapshot of the state of volunteering in New Zealand.


Overview Paper on the State of Volunteering

This important contribution to the New Zealand literature on volunteering is a report written by a Volunteering New Zealand reference group, with the support of the Department of Internal Affairs

The report contains:

  • Recommendations
  • Issues affecting volunteering in New Zealand
  • Issues/barriers for volunteer-involving organisations and volunteers
  • Looking to the future: possibilities for support, and other opportunities


State of Volunteering in New Zealand Report 2016

The second State of Volunteering in New Zealand report, released in early 2017, provides telling insights from 1260 registered charities in New Zealand and an update on overall findings for the volunteering sector in New Zealand.



Charity Viewpoint 2016

Organisations often talk about the importance of collaboration; a new publication demonstrates this collaboration in action.

Charity Viewpoint 2016: Perspectives on sustainability in the community sector is a report published by Volunteering New Zealand, the Fundraising Institute of New Zealand and Philanthropy New Zealand. It identifies and explores issues in governance, fundraising, volunteering and corporate/charity relations and how to achieve sustainability in the community and voluntary sector.

Charity Viewpoint 2016 reflects our views at this point in time. Our aim is to inspire and inform and to provide food for thought for those working in the community sector.



State of The World’s Volunteerism Report 2016

This summary report represents VNZ’s interpretation of the key points of the United Nations’ State of the World’s Volunteerism Report (2015), and focuses on key points relevant to the New Zealand volunteering context. It is not written to replace or otherwise substitute the UN report, which readers are encouraged to engage with independently of this report.



State of Volunteering in New Zealand Report 2015

The first State of Volunteering in New Zealand report was released in early 2016. This is the first report of its kind in New Zealand, and with responses from 1500 registered charities, insights from this survey are telling, including that recruiting volunteers remains challenging. Download the Report.