This June we invite you to celebrate volunteers in
the Big Shout-out campaign!

Give volunteers a shout-out on social media or shout them morning tea – and help increase awareness of the vital role volunteers play, in our lives and communities.

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Ways to get involved

Get involved in sponsoring, hosting events, or amplifying our message through social media and communications. Sponsorship opportunities, event submissions, and resource access available now. Join us in celebrating volunteers and making a difference.


Support this month to celebrate volunteers by becoming a sponsor. Learn more about sponsorship opportunities – access the sponsorship document.


Hosting a Big Shout Out event? We’d love to hear about it! Share details of your event with us – Registration form coming soon!

Shareable resources

Access logos and ready-to-share templates and graphics + creative celebration ideas to help your organisation express gratitude to your volunteers.

Get behind The Big Shout Out

Businesses who support volunteering may boost morale, workplace culture and brand perception.
Find out how your business can benefit from supporting The Big Shout Out.

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Partners and Supporters

Our partners and supporters help us to empower mahi aroha and volunteering in Aotearoa New Zealand

About us

The Big Shout Out 2024 is coordinated by Volunteering New Zealand, working in partnership with experts, consultants and partners to make the campaign a success.

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P 04 4706006

2023 social sharing 

2023 national events

A Big Shout Out event for community volunteers was held at Manukau, Auckland on 19 June 2023.  It was co-hosted by Hon Priyanca Radhakrishnan, the Minister for Community and Voluntary Sector and Volunteering New Zealand.