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15 ways to celebrate National Volunteer Week – Volunteering New Zealand

National Volunteer Week  honours the collective energies and mana of all our volunteers in Aotearoa. Volunteering New Zealand leads the week and encourages all volunteer-involving organisations to celebrate their volunteers.

Measuring volunteer impact

It’s essential to accurately measure the impact of both one-time and recurring volunteers. Nonprofits especially must measure impact, as it helps direct resources towards improvement areas to achieve maximum results. 

How to measure volunteer impact 

Nonprofits that are able to strategically measure volunteer impact can better understand the true value of their supporters and identify new opportunities for program growth.

Te Pūaha Talks – an introduction to evaluation

Evaluation is an essential social impact tool. We all want to make a positive difference through our work but can struggle to understand and demonstrate that difference clearly. How do you practically work out the contribution you are making? How can you be assured you are not doing harm or unintentionally holding the status quo in place? How can you learn and adapt along the way?

Three online workshops were designed to answer these questions for those newer to evaluation and people who are less experienced or confident about evaluation.