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How to create a volunteer recognition programme

In this article

  • What is a volunteer recognition program and why does it matter?
  • How to create a volunteer recognition program
  • Understand volunteerism and prioritise recognition
  • Know your volunteers and their expectations
  • Define the goals of your volunteerr recognition program
  • Draw up your plan
  • Leverage recognition software
  • Evaluate the success of your volunteer recognition endeavours

Volunteer recognition and appreciation tip sheet 

tips on how to design a volunteer recognition program that suits your organisation’s goals, values, and culture.

AKO KOTUI feedback and recognition

Volunteering New Zealand brings you Ako Kōtui – Networking Series: lunchtime sessions to connect, share and network. Each month guests share their experience of relevant issues and opportunity for participants to discuss and share.

Volunteer recognition

Acknowledging and recognising the work and time given by volunteers ensures they will stay motivated and continue to be involved in and be champions for your organisation.

101 Ways to Recognise your volunteers

There are many ways to recognise your volunteers for their remarkable spirit of giving. Read on for a few ideas.

Volunteer appreciation

While we’re all about whatever brings recognition and demonstrates the value of volunteer work, we believe that, as volunteer-driven organisations, it’s our job to appreciate volunteers throughout the year and through every stage of the volunteer lifecycle.