Virtual Volunteering – Hub

Virtual Volunteering – Designing Roles and Projects
Volunteering Victoria, July 2020. 

A guide to understanding and implementing virtual volunteering. Virtual Volunteering is volunteering using the internet, offsite from the organisation in a range of tasks. Virtual volunteer roles may open opportunities to engage more volunteers, including the chance to engage people or bring skills that would otherwise not be possible.

Webinar: Managing Virtual Volunteers During a Pandemic
IAVE, March 2020. 

Due to the unique circumstances arising from the coronavirus crisis, new and innovative solutions are being developed to assist organisations who engage volunteers. Liora Arnan of Israeli Volunteering Network shares innovative best practices for digital volunteering and practical tools and methods of training and managing a network of virtual volunteers.

Webinar: Managing the Impact of COVID 19 on Nonprofits
TechSoup, March 2020. 

TechSoup-hosted webinar discussing the tools, strategies, and resources to help nonprofits manage remote workers. This discussion includes questions and answers regarding technology and best practice for nonprofits.

Keeping in Touch With Volunteers
Meridian Swift, Volunteer Plain Talk, March 2020. 

Meridian Swift discusses how to communicate and engage an existing volunteer base while remote working. Read examples of strategically planned communication and how it can help volunteers remain engaged.

Communication Tools
The Wheelhouse, April 2020. 

Great web based tools offering free or low cost solutions for home and remote working communication.

Tech Tools
The Wheelhouse, April 2020. 

Great web based tools offering free or low cost solutions for community groups.

Working remotely – tools and links
CommunityNet Aotearoa, April 2020. 

Digital tools and information that can help those working in the community sector work remotely in an effective and safe manner.

How To Tap Into The Power Of Virtual Volunteers
VolunteerMatch, March 2020. 

Whether you’re designing new roles to provide support and respond to COVID-19, or keeping volunteers engaged while your organization’s facility is closed, read on for tips for creating virtual opportunities and managing remote volunteers.

Virtual Volunteering – benefits and examples
Volunteer Canada, 2020. 

Volunteer Canada share about the definition, benefits and examples of virtual volunteering.

Case study: Building confidence and commitment through online volunteering
UN Volunteers, 2017.

Read the case study of UN Online Volunteer Néstor Liendo (Venezuela) experiences as a blogger, specialised in digital and corporate communications. Néstor is committed to human development, and interested in projecting ideas, options, strategies and/or messages that can inspire positive actions.

Webinar: How to get extra support from UN Online Volunteers
UN Volunteers, 2017.

This webinar explains how non-profit organisations can benefit from the expertise and capacity of more than half a million online volunteers. The webinar provides guidance on the sign-up process, posting of online volunteering opportunities, selection of candidates and successful online collaboration with volunteers, and includes the experience of an NGO that involves online volunteers in its projects.

Change the world through online volunteering
UN Volunteers, 2016.

Since 2000, the UNV Online Volunteering service has connected over 3,000 organizations with the right volunteers. Read some of their case studies, from safeguarding access to health care to preparing the ground for emergency relief.

How To Develop a Microvolunteering Action: A guide for Charities and NonProfits
Help from Home, 2015.

A practical how-to guide on how to set up a microvolunteering action for volunteers, including everything you need to consider (from communication to technology).

E-Volunteering Handbook
Good Network Foundation, 2014.

A practical guide for individuals, institutions and organizations who want to use new technologies and tap into virtual communities to make a difference.