Welcome and onboard – Hub

Code of Conduct

This code of conduct describes the way to behave towards each other, members, staff, customers, donors, partners, communities, other supporters.

Creating an inclusive volunteering environment

A resource for organisations to help them better create an inclusive volunteering environment. Use this document to help review how inclusive your organisation is.

Inducting volunteers

Volunteers want to feel like they have made a great decision by putting their hand up for your role, therefore the first impression counts.

Prepare volunteers for success

Onboarding is your chance to welcome new volunteers and instill the knowledge and skills necessary to perform their volunteer roles effectively.

Inclusive volunteering with recent migrants 

This resource outlines a series of operational guidelines derived from the strategic vision of the Recent Migrant Volunteering Strategy. It shows how the theoretical principles and values of the strategy document can be translated into operational initiatives within your respective organisation.