Volunteering New Zealand (VNZ) runs a popular webinar series based on emerging research, resources and current issues facing volunteering both in New Zealand and internationally.

The world of volunteering is constantly evolving and as a leader of volunteering in New Zealand VNZ is taking up the challenge to facilitate and distribute new research, ideas and more on the world of volunteering.

This series offers short 30-60 minute episodes delivering a mixture of presentation and conversation style information. Our guest presenters are leading national and international speakers, exploring topics on volunteering to help you better lead, manage and develop your volunteer workforce.

Speakers are experts in the field of volunteering and share their knowledge and expertise in a relaxed and educational webinar presentation. These webinars are co-presented by a VNZ team member.

Previous webinars:

VNZ Webinar #1: Volunteering to Learn

To mark Student Volunteer Week, our first speaker Professor Kirsten Holmes of Curtin University explores the Volunteering to Learn study . This was the first study to examine all stakeholder perspectives involved in university student volunteering: students, universities, program managers, host organisations and voluntary sector peak bodies.

VNZ Webinar #2: The power of volunteering – Transformation opportunities

Penny Harrison, Director of Volunteering at Australian Red Cross presents two case studies she is involved in:

  • using technology to test new ways for people to volunteer
  • opportunities to transform corporate volunteering

VNZ Webinar #3:  Volunteering Statistics in NZ – Turning data into powerful information

Scott Ussher, Manager of Income and Poverty at Stats NZ presents on the various volunteering statistics Stats NZ collects, including:

  • the TUS, HLFS, NPISA, Census, GSS etc. 
  • What all these acronyms mean for volunteering in NZ, now and into the future.

This webinar is a rare opportunity to learn about key statistics insights – a must for those in the voluntary sector!

VNZ Webinar #4:  Assessing the impact of volunteering in your organisation.

Stuart Garland, Training & Programmes Manager at Volunteer Ireland presents on volunteer impact assessment and volunteer strategy.

Stuart talks about using volunteer impact assessment as a tool to explore your volunteer programme impact on a range of stakeholders.  He talks a bit about some of the ones they completed for organisations and the outcomes for those organisations and how this all links to the development of a volunteering strategy for an organisation.

VNZ Webinar #5: Do our volunteers make a difference?

Kylee Bates, Chief Executive Officer at Ardoch and President of IAVE,  joins us for our webinar “Do our volunteers make a difference?”

Kylee discusses:

– Insights into research used to discover how Ardoch volunteers make a difference
– The internal impact of externally validating research and the results for volunteer recruitment.

VNZ Webinar #6: Supporting volunteers in times of grief or trauma

Lila O’Farrell, Senior Specialist Therapist, Mindfulness Educator & Interfaith Chaplain, shares best practice and practical techniques to help you support your volunteers who deal with crisis and trauma.

While this webinar was designed with the organisations and volunteer managers responding and supporting victims and their families in mind, in the wake of the Christchurch terrorist attacks, this will also be very relevant for those of you whose works deals with other forms of trauma.

VNZ Webinar #7: Engaging Young Volunteers: Stories, Lessons, and Insights

In this webinar, Johann Go – award-winning youth volunteer, VNZ Programme Advisor and Oxford Rhodes Scholar – shares some stories, lessons and insights about engaging young volunteers. Drawing on his experiences in youth volunteering in New Zealand and the United Kingdom, the interactive webinar explores how organisations can effectively recruit, retain and recognise young volunteers.

VNZ Webinar #8: NZSAR volunteering findings

In this webinar VNZ’s Dr Katie Bruce and Michelle Kitney share findings from VNZ’s research project into volunteering in New Zealand Search and Rescue. This research was done using VNZ’s InvolveMe tool across four organisations and was recently presented at the Australia and New Zealand Search and Rescue Conference.

Find out about the state of volunteering in search and rescue in NZ and the broader implications across the sector.

VNZ Webinar #9: Empower volunteers, expand impact

Helga Wientjes and Moana Uerata-Jennings from Cancer Society of New Zealand share what can be achieved if your organisation adopts a volunteer-led staff supported culture. This webinar covers:

  • Two case-studies of what can be achieved if an organisation adopts a volunteer-led staff supported culture
  • Practical examples of what this entails and suggestions for how you can implement in your own organisation.