Volunteering NZ (VNZ) is proud to announce the release of LeadMe, an innovative new digital tool to assist leaders of volunteers to be more effective in their roles.


LeadMe is a best-practice online assessment platform for those who oversee and lead volunteer programs in their volunteer-involving organisations. After completing a short survey, participants are provided with a personalised report with tailored feedback and actionable steps on how to grow their effectiveness and get the best out of their volunteer programme.

Building on the success of InvolveMe – another Volunteering NZ organisational assessment  platform that evaluates the engagement of volunteer-involvement across all levels of volunteering (board members, organisational managers, volunteer managers and volunteers), LeadMe acts as a complementary assessment or InvolveMe, providing greater depth of feedback that is more leadership-oriented.

Scott Miller, Chief Executive of VNZ, believes it is important that VNZ provides platforms like LeadMe as a way of advocating for, and supporting the volunteer sector. Volunteering is a vital part of our nation’s landscape, and many organisations rely on it. It is VNZ’s stance that those involved in volunteering should be encouraged and aided to complete their work to the highest standard.

The LeadMe assessment covers four main areas: planning the volunteer programme strategy, building teams (organisational culture), professional development and strategy implementation.

The LeadMe platform was released alongside the State of Volunteering 2017 Report, at the National Volunteer Week 2018 Parliamentary Afternoon Tea on Thursday, June 21.

For more information about LeadMe, and to do the assessment yourself, visit here.