Our Vision: A New Zealand that promotes, values and supports effective volunteering for the benefit of individuals and communities

Our mission: To promote, support and advocate for volunteering.


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Responsiveness: We respond boldly with leadership and innovation, enabling the community and voluntary sector to achieve excellence and the best outcomes.
Inclusiveness: We recognise and value the diversity of all expressions of volunteering
Collaboration: We work with our key strategic partners, stakeholders and members to promote, value and support effective volunteering
Excellence: We strive for excellence in all our activities


1. Stronger communities through engaged volunteers [capability of voluntary sector]

  • Promote, champion and support best practice in volunteer-involving organisations, and for specific types and areas of volunteering e.g. employer-supported volunteering
  • Develop capability and development pathways for managers of volunteers
  • Facilitate and disseminate relevant research on volunteering.

2. Volunteering is visible and celebrated in New Zealand [awareness of volunteering]

Promote awareness of volunteering and the value of volunteering through:

  • Awards and recognition activities
  • Celebratory events including International Volunteer Day, International Volunteer Managers Day and National Volunteer Week, Student Volunteer Week, and other relevant events of interest to the NZ voluntary sector
  • Media releases and social media.

3. Volunteering is advocated through leadership and collaborative relationships [advocacy for volunteering in policy and through collaboration]

  • Influence central and local government policy through advocacy (proactive and reactive)
  • Assist the sector to maintain relevance in the changing world of volunteering (e.g. technological developments)
  • Develop and implementa strategic engagement framework.

4. Volunteering NZ is an effective and sustainable organisation [capability of VNZ as organisation]

  • Ensure a strong and diverse membership that adequately reflects the New Zealand voluntary sector
  • Maintain an adequate value proposition for new and existing members
  • Ensure sufficient reserves are maintained to cope with a large variation of income
  • Foster potential commercial revenue streams that advance the mission and vision of VNZ
  • Continue to provide leading practice governance, policies and procedures
  • Attract and retain the best people and ensure ongoing staff development
  • Plan for succession of key board and staff roles.