Inclusion & wellbeing

Building closer partnerships with Māori

Te Arawhiti, Office for Māori Crown Relations , New Zealand 2020.

This framework will assist you when Māori interests are significantly affected by proposed actions, and a partnership or co-design approach is appropriate within existing statutory settings (as per the Engagement Framework and Guidelines – It will support future focused partnerships that respond to the needs/interests of Māori communities as well as the Crown, and deliver improved outcomes for Māori and the Crown

Conversations with Aotearoa New Zealand’s Muslim communities: growing understanding after the Christchurch terror attacks on March 15, 2019.

Office of Ethnic Communities, New Zealand 2020.

Following the March 15 attacks, the Government felt it was important to hear directly from Muslim communities about what was critical to them, and what changes would help create a more diverse and accepting society.  This report presents the key themes from the dialogues and identifies opportunities for addressing these themes through the Government’s work programme. 

Resources: Te Rautaki mō Whanaungatanga I A National Strategy to Support Volunteering for Recent Migrants.

Operational charter for inclusive volunteering with recent migrants

Recent Migrant Volunteers: Organisational feedback form

Expectations: Your rights as a volunteer or organisation

Volunteering New Zealand (VNZ) has developed the recent migrant volunteering strategy to improve the experiences of recent migrant volunteers and promote migrant volunteering best practice across the sector. These practical resources have been developed from this strategy. 

Holding the Mirror up to Ourselves: Diversity and Inclusion Practices and Trends in Civil Society Organisation

CIVICUS, 2019.

The findings presented in this report are meant to encourage reflection and actions towards diversity and inclusion efforts, offer new ideas and serve as an inspiration to continue our work towards creating a truly and meaningfully diverse and inclusive civil society. 

Optimising Health and Wellbeing Benefits from Volunteering

Volunteer Scotland, 2019.

This report is targeted at volunteer involving organisations and provides guidance on optimising the health and wellbeing benefits for volunteers and those who support volunteers.

Migrant Participation in Sports Volunteering in Ireland

Volunteer Ireland, 2019.

The information presented was gathered from migrants – who have and have not volunteered in sport – through an online survey and focus groups. Our ultimate aim with this research is that a better understanding of these questions will inform practice, prompt further research and facilitate an increase in migrants volunteering in sport in Ireland.  

Volunteering in ambulance services: Developing and diversifying opportunities

The King’s Fund, 2019.

The report aims to support the Association of Ambulance Chief Executives, its members and staff in ambulance services involved in the management of volunteers to identify and explore potential opportunities for developing volunteers. It also aims to support commissioners and national bodies to identify ways in which ambulance services can contribute towards social action and volunteering as partners within the wider health and care system and outlines the support required to enable this.

Age-friendly and inclusive volunteering

Centre for Aging Better, 2018.

This booklet, taking findings from the review of community contributions in later life (which focused on how to increase participation among under-represented groups) makes practical recommendations for organisations that work with volunteers. The review also includes recommendations for other sectors.

Youth survey report 2018

Mission Australia, 2018.

A report identifying both the values and issues of concern to young people in Australia in 2018. Each of the chapters contains a breakdown of key data by gender and where appropriate, comparisons with previous years’ data.

Engaging Volunteers from Diverse and Immigrant Communities

Minnesota Association for Volunteer Administration (MAVA), 2018.

This report covers 8 strategies for engaging volunteers from diverse and immigrant communities, which government and nonprofit organisations can develop into an action plan for change. 

Putting out the Welcome Mat

Welcoming Communities, 2018.

‘Putting out the welcome mat’ is for you to use as you consult on and develop your Welcoming Plan. It is part of a toolkit of resources that the Welcoming Communities team2 is developing. Welcoming Communities supports local government and other community organisations to take a greater role in ensuring the local community is welcoming to newcomers. It also seeks to involve local residents in welcoming activities. 

Creating an Inclusive Volunteer Environment

Volunteer Scotland, 2013.

Practical advice and steps for creating and inclusive volunteer environment. Information includes formal policies and procedures. 

Building Blocks For Engaging New Comer Volunteers: A guide for organisations 

Volunteer Canada, 2012.

A guide for creating an inclusive volunteer environment for migrant volunteers. This resource includes tools, checklists and website recommendations to assist.

Migrant Volunteering in the Community

Louth Volunteer Centre.

The aim of this booklet is to provide information to organisations that would like to involve migrant volunteers and who wish to promote diversity within the communities in which they operate. This guide aims to promote the integration of non-Irish nationals in their local communities through their increased participation in local volunteering.