VNZ’s work with volunteer-involving organisations around their adoption of best practice culture has been hailed as innovative and world-leading. The creation of these Best Practice Guidelines for Volunteer-Involving Organisations (the Guidelines), is central to how organisations transform themselves into catalysts of community change.

Best Practice Guidelines Toolkit

The toolkit consists of

The Guidelines give a snapshot view of your organisation and its people, identifying: 

  • Opportunities for change
  • Barriers to change
  • How to make change happen
  • Actions for continuous improvement
  • Ways to improve productivity and support innovation


A way to structure your thinking and your teams to

  • Identify your current reality
  • Reveal what you want the future to look like
  • Unleash your potential by working together as a team on what changes you want and how you’re going to make them

Download the latest version of the guidelines for printing

Download the latest version in ms word

Download to fill in and save or print using your web browser

Goal Planner

  • What is our plan of action?
  • What will support us, and what could stop us achieving this?
  • How do we measure our success?

To encourage participants to formulate and implement their action plan (the Guidelines, completed).
Central focus
Use the Goal Planner to formulate an explicit plan for one or two objectives – a S.M.A.R.T plan.
The plan should anticipate barriers and blocks to success.

  • When will your actions occur or be completed.
  • Who has an active role in this?
  • Who else needs to know?
  • What obstacles, blocks or barriers can you identify …etc.


Exemplar (Sample answers)

These sample answers are based on real answers from volunteer-involving organisations. If you are stuck, take a look at the Exemplar to see what other people are thinking / doing.


Time Analyser

Record your time use by drawing a line or an x in the relevant box. Add up your time use by activity each day and work out what portion of your working hours you spend on specific tasks. Use the Analyser to help identify whether you are spending enough time on your high performance tasks (refer to your job description).


Team Performance Indicator

How well might the team respond to changes identified through completing the Best Practice Guidelines? Are there talents among team members not being recognised? Use the Team Performance Indicator to help you and your team find out.