Pivoting to Volunteering Leadership Forum

We are excited to be planning a Volunteer Leadership Hui, to be held in Wellington on Monday 30 October 2023. This will be a one day event including our Annual General Meeting.

We hope to provide a transformative and enriching experience. There will be three key focus areas: equity, leadership and wellbeing for both volunteers and delegates/participants.

We aim to offer both a knowledge and experience element in each area:
1 Leadership stories and journeys from across Aotearoa .
2 Wellbeing: exploring volunteer wellbeing, and an opportunity for participants to connect with others and build their own personal networks, and therefore replenish their wellbeing.
3 Participation: an opportunity for participants to share their knowledge, and ideas for moving forward together. And,
exploring equity within a volunteering context.

We welcome all ideas for how we can make this most useful for you. Please email: office@volunteeringnz.org.nz with any thoughts. You can purchase tickets shortly. 

Indicative costings per person early bird pricing will be $200 per person.