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About InvolveMe

InvolveMe is a free online self-assessment tool designed for you to take charge of managing your volunteer programme effectively through a short but eclectic survey. It’s a quick and cost-effective way of finding answers to questions you should be asking such as:

  • Is my volunteer programme reflecting my organisation’s mission, goals, and culture?
  • Am I getting value for time and resources committed to my volunteer programme?
  • Do I have the adequate infrastructure and support in place?
  • Am I getting the right people on board and ensuring their retainment?
  • Am I reaching the communities I aim to represent?
  • Am I a champion of best practice?

With InvolveMe, you can get feedback from anyone who influences your programme including board members, management, staff, and volunteers themselves. It’s a means to empower great volunteer programmes and go beyond what you set out to achieve.

InvolveMe is not only a feedback but also a feedforward tool. The report at the end of the survey is an easy read and provides you with plenty of information and resources to help bridge the gap between between where you are and where you want to be. It creates an opportunity for you to review and leverage your strengths and build new capabilities to enhance your organisation’s unique impact in the community.

This tool is designed to help you reflect, create and maximise growth opportunities along the way while taking a best practice approach to volunteering. It enforces a greater philosophy that your volunteers’ success is your success. The heart of the tool is to enable you to take action backed by facts and spark meaningful conversations that benefit all your stakeholders. It helps you be better at what you do best creating change.