Responding to COVID-19

COVID-19 Government information in one place

For all COVID-19 Government Information, see the official website here.

Covid-19 protection framework (traffic light) 

The Framework allows businesses to open and operate in a way that is as close to normal while minimising the virus’ spread.

The Framework empowers people and business to take responsibility for keeping COVID-19 down.

Learn more about the COVID-19 Protection Framework.

Vaccines and the workplace

See our page on Vaccines and Volunteers.

Employment New Zealand has guidance on this topic for businesses and workers.

Note, ‘Workers’ includes staff and voluntary labour.

Connect with your local Volunteer Centre

There are 17 regional Volunteer Centres around New Zealand. The Volunteer Centre network has mobilised to take expressions of interest from those available to help during the pandemic. Each centre will be working within their own communities infrastructure, and with Civil Defence. Get in touch with your local centre to connect with opportunities to collaborate.

>> Connect with your local volunteer centre

Volunteering New Zealand’s resources

Our team is contactable through email or phone, so please keep in touch. We need to hear from Volunteer Involving Organisations about the impact of COVID-19.

We have put all our new resources relating to virtual volunteering and responding in a pandemic in one place.

We also have a full suite of volunteer resources, with sections specifically on vaccines and volunteers, pandemic resources and virtual volunteering resources. These are updated regularly.

Michelle Kitney

We encourage you to get in touch if you want to share ideas and challenges during the COVID-19 response. You can contact Michelle Kitney, CE at VNZ, directly by email Michelle would love to hear from you. Also, please signup to our newsletter to receive our latest updates and information.