COVID-19 Hauora/wellbeing survey

Kōrerotia, speak up! through our online survey.

Let us know what has changed for your organisation since the pandemic began. How are things looking? How can we help?

This is a chance to remind our sector’s supporters and funders that the hau, or vitality, of our community organisations becomes the life force of our communities.

If you work with Māori, Pasifika, Ethnic or disabled communities, contact Hui E! to be part of a focus group.

Last year the Time to shine, time to take stock survey sought to uncover the effects of COVID-19 on the tangata whenua, community and voluntary sector.

The world did not stand still – and neither did you! For those who contributed to last year’s survey, kōrerotia, it’s time to speak up again. Complete this year’s follow-up hauora/wellbeing survey.

Volunteering New Zealand and Hui E! Community Aotearoa and want to know how your organisation is.

  • What has changed or remained the same since last year?
  • What are you doing the same or differently?
  • How are your funding, staffing and volunteer numbers looking?
  • How have you carried forward the best that came out of the first lockdown?

Click here to complete the survey, which will be open until August 13, 2021.