Stacey Rimene

I volunteer for GBB – Good Bitches Baking, Rotorua Community Xmas Lunch, and Christmas Box.

My roles include baking for GBB, serving as GBB Committee Member for Rotorua, and doing Roster for GBB Rotorua.

Besides, I packed Christmas Boxes, served people in our event, prepared for the Christmas event, and hosted the Community Xmas Lunch.

What is your touching moment?

One of the touching moment was during my second year volunteering at the Christmas Community Lunch. Volunteering as a hostess and chatting/serving with everyone at the tables I was looking after, made me feel that volunteering was worthwhile. After lunch, an elderly lady at the table came up to me, hugged me with tears in her eyes, and thanked me for serving her and not judging her for being there. It broke my heart knowing she had obviously been judged or made to feel worthless before. 

What would you consider as the biggest benefit of volunteering?

Helping those less fortunate, down on their luck even for a moment, bringing them joy if only for a moment or a day.

What does volunteering mean to you?

Moving to Rotorua, and not knowing anyone, volunteering has allowed me to be part of the community. I was a single mum for the majority of my daughter’s life growing up and it was tough. Now I am able to help those in the same situation or less fortunate, and hopefully make a difference in their lives.

Is there any additional thought you would like to share with us?

One of my favourite quotes I try to live my life by is by John F Kennedy – ‘Every person can make a difference, and every person should try’. Volunteering has enriched my life and I’m grateful to be a part of a network of volunteers.