Pip Meads

I volunteer as Christchurch Kids Club Coordinator for Coeliac New Zealand to provide support and guidance to people living with Coeliac Disease. I am still volunteering every day for them.

What is your touching moment?

Part of my role as a Kids Club coordinator is to organise get-togethers with Coeliac NZ members. Every time I run events it is an amazing experience! It is awesome seeing families with coeliac children interact, make connections and share their journey.

When I was diagnosed with coeliac disease five years ago, I knew straight away I wanted to be able to help people navigate following a gluten-free diet and guide and support them. As a Registered Nutritionist and a mum to a coeliac, I reached out to Coeliac New Zealand to see if there were any volunteer opportunities and have been volunteering with them for the past five years.

What would you consider as the biggest benefit of volunteering?

Helping to make a difference and supporting people by using my skills and experience. Knowing I am contributing and giving something back to Coeliac NZ is a great feeling.

What does volunteering mean to you?

Volunteering is being able to give back and use my personal experience and knowledge to help other people. Being a volunteer for Coeliac NZ is also a great way to help grow and promote the services they provide.