“This initiative is a way for Kiwis to remember the service of others in the past, and to continue that

tradition of generosity and sacrifice in a practical way.

I would like to congratulate those who have already pledged their time, and encourage others to do the

same.” HRH Prince Harry

Serve for New Zealand: Anzac Day is encouraging everyone to give an hour of their time to their local communities on (or before) Anzac Day in 2017, to further the shared ideals of the RSA and the University of Canterbury’s Student Volunteer Army.

Serve for New Zealand was created as a gift to the RSA to commemorate their 100th birthday ­ and as a way for Kiwis to celebrate the legacy of service. Serve for New Zealand: Anzac Day was run as a pilot project in 2016. Designed to encourage everyday Kiwis to offer an hour of their time in their local communities on a day of national significance, the inaugural event saw over 6,600 hours pledged.

We are bringing Serve for New Zealand: Anzac Day back in 2017 ­ and making it bigger and better, to create the greatest volunteering impact we can across the country.
Help us create the greatest movement possible!
Take a current project you have organised or create a new project and pledge to Serve for New Zealand Anzac Day.

Encourage your volunteers to show they’ve supported you AND Serve for New Zealand, by pledging their time. On our website servefor.nz, we encourage you to pledge your hours as a group or an individual.

To learn more visit our website:servefor.nz, or email hello@servefor.nz and visit us on Facebook!

Thank you for your support of Serve for NZ: Anzac Day, and we hope to see your community engaged in this day of service!

This is a guest post from Serve for New Zealand