Staff and volunteer wellbeing in the community and voluntary sector has taken a hit in recent years due to increased demand for services, lack of funding, and difficult issues facing communities. We are pleased to bring you a series of Wellbeing Webinars to boost your immunity and resilience. Facilitated by a registered psychologist from Umbrella, each session will help you identify issues and make positive behaviour changes.


Shifting the frantic
2 May, 10-11am, online

In our modern, hyper-connected, “always on” world, many people describe feeling constantly frantic, overwhelmed and as if they are constantly playing catch-up. This mental overdrive often means it can be hard to utilise well-known time management strategies, manage stress, or work productively, and it can feel impossible to ever fully wind down.

This session will:
Look at the common factors behind the frantic AND
Review practical strategies proven to increase your experience of calm and control.

Facilitated by Lisa Cheung of Umbrella. Learn more about Umbrella here.

Cost: $10 for VNZ member organisations. $20 for non VNZ member organisations.

Register here.