Hester Labuschagne

I volunteer for Balclutha Riding for the Disabled Incorporated and St John’s Outreach Animals.

My volunteer roles include my participation in Balclutha Riding for the Disabled Incorporated as a coach of the riders. I am is also the president of Balclutha RDA.

What is your touching moment?

At a year-end function, one of the special needs riders spiralled out on stage when he was about to receive his certificate. Everyone tried to calm him with no success. Hester asked if she could help.

“Somehow knowing that I could get through to him by shifting his attention in a positive way.” After 5 minutes Hester accompanied him to get back to the stage and he walked up bravely, thanked everyone, and apologised for his behaviour.

“That was the moment that I knew that this little boy gave me a purpose in life, a feeling of self-fulfilling, love and gratitude. He helped me more than I’ve helped him.”

What would you consider as the biggest benefit of volunteering?

Helping yourself through helping others selflessly to the benefit of the greater community, family and friends.

What does volunteering mean to you?

Volunteering gives me a chance to grow as a person.

Is there any additional thought you would like to share with us?

Know your worth and show others that everyone is worthy!

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