Want to Volunteer?

Interested in becoming a volunteer and seeing change in your communities?

Volunteering is any activity that involves putting your unpaid time, energy and skills for the greater good.

New Zealand is a leading nation in the contribution made by volunteers. A 2013 study of the New Zealand non-profit sector estimated that volunteers contribute more than 157 million unpaid hours of work valued at over $3.5 billion to non-profit organisations.

Volunteers create positive change on many fronts – human rights, faith communities, health, education, sports and recreation, social services, arts and culture, emergency services, the environment and conservation, animal welfare, and community support development – the list is endless.

Why do people volunteer?

  • To learn new skills, knowledge and experience
  • To develop existing skills, knowledge and experience
  • To find new passions
  • To meet new people and forming long-term friends and partnerships
  • To contribute to a good cause
  • To make an invaluable difference
  • To have fun!

What should you do when you’ve decided to volunteer?

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